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Video lessons cover the full lesson material from each Saxon Math lesson.

Empower your students by giving them the ability to learn the material on their own!

Clear and concise

Each lesson is taught in a clear and concise way, covering the material with no extra fluff.

Experienced Tutor

Ken has been tutoring his own (six!) kids in math since 2008 from Kindergarten through Advanced Math and has twenty years of experience in software development with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

Extra Sample Problems

By creating new sample problems for the video lessons, your student will have twice as many examples to look at for each lesson.

Sample Videos

Video Lessons can also be used as review to get "unstuck" on future lessons.

When using the online grading feature of My Math Assistant, a student will be prompted to review a video lesson related to each question they answer incorrectly. Typically there is a sample problem in that video that will be similar to the question they are having trouble with.

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